Portrait of Senior Woman

I have been thinking about our work together.  It was phenomenal. I felt so safe with you coaching me.

Katey O.

Woman in Yellow

Thanks to you, I took the plunge and …[took my action steps.  I] … have not heard any negative feedback. I had a few people reach out to me, but they were all positive. I cannot put a price tag on what you have done for me.

Jane D.

Middle Aged Woman

Thoughtful lessons that invoke ah-ha moments that create breakthroughs for an all around better me!

Melissa U.

Attractive Young Woman

I would highly recommend Karen as a Coach. She is patient, kind, and listens openly. She is there to offer suggestions and strategies to assist when creating action steps. Karen is able to not only accommodate to the tasks she suggests, but she does the same with accountability, and schedules. Karen is able to tweak and tailor goals if/when necessary to the client's needs if the client struggles, or if the client shows signs of difficulty. Karen listens to her clients; their successes and their struggles, and is collaborative in coming up with action steps together

Amanda M.