Why Perspective?

Sometimes I feel like I need to explain my business name. Maybe it's the feeling of being misunderstood or it's the sense of love behind it.

Let me tell you how The Gift of Perspective came to be.

My long-time mentor's husband was battling cancer back in 2018-2019. If you knew my mentor, you knew that she was caretaker extraordinaire. She did, after all, have logs for her dogs' overall health through the years. She knew the importance of documenting and tracking details. It's one of many skills that made her very successful in our business.

During the winter of 2019, my mentor's husband came out of his grueling treatments without needing many of the interventions that were cautioned about at the beginning. Her hubby even made it without a feeding tube, which was almost certain at one point.

As the months that followed, unexpected news about his cancer diagnosis determined he was in the fourth stage of his disease, something no one wants to hear. But there was optimism with some immunotherapies that he was being advised to take. Unfortunately, months later, those therapies would ultimately be what accelerated his decline. We lost him in October 2019.

My mentor's husband was not someone I spoke with often. Maybe a handful of times on the phone, a few times in text and only one time in person, which is funny given the duration I've worked with my mentor. But he was such a part of her, and therefore had such an immense impact on me because of it.

Weeks after the services, her time away and distance on one massive project we completed, my mentor and I had one of those chats that will stay with me for the rest of my life. In our time working together, we'd both lost our moms, helped family members through major health issues and lost loved ones (aunts, uncles, grandparents) and now her beloved husband.

She shared a story about the first immunotherapy treatment where a kind nurse (who clearly didn't know what would soon follow), was thinking positively about the future and asked "What are you most proud of in your life?" My mentor who was sitting there, paused to think how she'd answer, while her husband had rattled out the answer with barely a moment to think about it. As she told me about this, she was in awe.

From there, we spoke about how perspective is such a gift. How she and I both lost our moms, yet we still found a way to change our outlook positively and how it drives us to be the people we've become. And when looking at her beloved husband, how his cancer had changed his perspective and he wanted to stop working, do more of the thing that was his purpose.

This was all before coaching had even entered my world. I was still wondering "What Next?". Within a few weeks, I decided on my next career and enrolled in my certification program. There was really no other option. Perspective is your own personal map. Everyone's perspective is different based on what we've all lived through and experienced. Even siblings who grew up in the same house have different maps.

As I sit back and recall my journey, I choose to see perspective as a complete gift. When I was leaving my corporate job, and even now, I realize that time was a gift. I had 8 months between being notified and ending my employment. It allowed me to feel the feelings, decide what's next and lean on my past experiences.

So that's how "The Gift of Perspective" became the name of my coaching business. In this case, it's also a nod to my mentor and her husband for their influence on me, but it also honors the journey I've been on. Perspective will always the gift you give yourself.

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