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I’m not sure if I mentioned in a previous blog, but if you’ve been getting my newsletters, I mentioned my dog (my foster-fail) was getting double knee surgery. We did it on Wednesday and things went well. I’m relieved and now it’s all about the recovery. As expected, me and Dexter are side by side.

The first night went as expected, little sleep like when I had a newborn in the house. Not that I’m keeping track, but I’ve spent 3 nights at his side with little sleep while my husband has done one night and did a little better than I did. He also caved to Dexter’s request to cuddle on the couch so he was gently lifted into position.

I wrote the next part at 1 a.m. last night. Mind you that when I saw “Twin 1” or “Twin 2”, they’re dogs! Dexter is Twin 2 and Harley is Twin 1.

Enjoy my middle of the night delirium!

Why mom is cranky

The house is still.

My humans are asleep.

1 dog is in his assigned room.

And I’m caring for the twins.

Twin 1 is my shadow forevermore;

Twin 2 is recovering from surgery

My recovering pup is agitated,

Unable to speak, I spend 40 minutes guessing his needs.

Googling leads to a stress headache.

Luckily it tells me no more than what I already knew.

It’s potty time. At midnight.

I must re-dress;

And into the cool midnight air we go.

We circle the backyard; I’m tired

I want to curl up on the couch...

We finally get there.

Twin 2 is lifted into a spot and I put my head down on the other side.

Twin 1 jumped into her usual spot in the curve of my legs.....

Unfortunately mostly on top of twin 2 who needs his space.

I move the healthy twin only to have her jump to the side of the couch I was sleeping on.

I’ve been between the couch and floor for over 90 minutes waiting for someone to make a decision of what they wanted.

Sleep. That’s my answer.

Now, the twins are in different sides of the couch, I’m on the floor. It’s nearing 1 am.

I’m tired and I didn’t even put together Easter baskets. Hi mom guilt.

But I can’t keep my eyes open much longer. It won’t be good sleep. Tomorrow (later today) will be rough.

(Side Note: Easter Baskets were made at 8 a.m. before anyone noticed!)

Time for a nap.

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