The First Day of School!

Wow! Parents around the DMV rejoice! Most kids are back in school physically. So long to all the "I'm hungry" or "I'm bored" or any other repetitive phrases we all heard for the last few months!

I was up and out before my kids were out of bed. The mom guilt of not being there was tough, but with 7th grade and 10th graders, I didn't have any worry. Plus, my wonderful husband was there to make sure our kids got out on time (thanks babe!).

We had chats in our house the night before because I knew they had some anxiety. We knew it would be a rough few days as we learn to get into the swing of things, but it would be ok! This is the time to try new things and appreciate what we have!

As I was dropping off my students on my AM bus load, I couldn't help but sense everyone's anxiety. I got on my PA and wished them well in my overly peppy way (sorry high schoolers…. you had to get it too!). Some of the comments as the kids got off the bus were quite amazing.

"We're actually here!"

"OMG, there are a lot of people."

"It's been so long since I've been at school."

The exuberance that came across excited me. I was happy for these kids of all grade levels to finally feel a sense of normalcy.

And there were the parents. Many with coffee cups in hands, happy waves. I'm not sure who was happier… the parents or the kids.

As the first week wrapped up (only 2 days in our district), everyone is more tired than usual, but glad to have gotten past the start of it all. Here are my tips to make sure we ease into the start of the school year without too much stress:

In no particular order….

  • Pack up school items the night before

  • Make a to-do list of morning routine items to encourage independence

  • Communicate the family schedule for the next day

  • Set a fixed bedtime (we ALL need our sleep)

  • Be a cheerleader for your kids (yes, even within the frustration of those mornings)

  • Set time for family time during the week.

Love big. We all need it right now. Our kids will adjust a little faster when they feel like we have their back!

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