Technology hates me sometimes

If you're reading this blog, I've apparently fixed my ongoing technical issues. I have blogs a plenty that have been ready to post all summer, but with some hiccup on my website, I've been the only poor soul reading them. That's no fun right?

The school year in our County starts in just under two weeks. I sit and wonder where the summer went. Fortunately, the kids each had a week of camp, time at the pool and as I type this, my daughter is in Houston, Texas visiting family. It was her first solo trip on the plane and I can promise Mom here was the nervous one. At 15, she's still my little girl. Capable - absolutely. But she's mine. I told her she didn't need to call everyday if she's having fun. I heard from her day 1 and nothing since. That's a good sign, right?

But I'll tell you that as I sit here and miss her beyond words, I know this is a great adventure for her. It's something none of us have done yet as our family members are new residents of Texas. I just can't wait to hug her and hear about all her adventures. Oh, and to hear how hot it was compared to here where the heat index is over 100 degrees. I think she'll win this one.

Anyway, just a little fun update as I work through my technology issues. I really hope I'm not the one reading this again. But if I am able to fix this, you have some great blog posts in the works!

Stay cool!

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