How self care prevented my next meltdown...

I was reminded what it was like to be the parent of a newborn. No, there were no additions to our family. Our dog had double knee surgery and is effectively needing everything just like an infant.

In my not so glorious Easter meltdown, I realized that I was the one losing sleep (I was sleeping on the floor), tending to his needs with some help, and still expected to take care of the humans in my life.

Sound familiar? Me too. It’s a mom thing, but I was also reminded of when my kids were infants.

What’s different this time is me. I learned from the perverbial mistakes - not taking care of myself.

My husband pulled out the air mattress for me last night. It was a godsend. Once upon a time I would have stubbornly said don’t bother, I’ll continue to sleep miserably on the floor (maybe looking for sympathy and some martyr-dom that came with it). It takes up half the room our pup in is in, but it’s for ME. We won’t discuss how the dogs all think it’s theirs for now.

Next, my daughter has been a life saver. Granted, when she was an infant, I’m sure I had other choice words, but now that she’s older, she’s a resource. Instead of doing it all, I asked for help. She’s great at walking the dog in the backyard (our vet’s instructions) and watching the dog while I’m out of the room. So today, I told her to watch the dog and I went with the intention of showering. I took a nap too! Granted, only 20 minutes, but it was time for me.

Now the shower.... 20 long minutes at the hottest temp I could muster. The steam and water on my back relaxing the tense muscles. Using the favorite soaps and lotions, enjoying the texture of them as I applied it. And the smell... it was so nice to not rush the routine.

I’m back with the dog in our quarantine area. That crazed, sleep deprived person has disappeared and I’m listening to instrumental music so the tv commercials with dogs don’t start a barking call between our three pups.

No longer on auto-pilot, I remember that I’m in charge of my experience, my emotions and my well-being.

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