Hello Teenager!

Have you ever felt something so strong in your gut that you just knew you had to do something about it? I spoke to a friend yesterday and told her about some upcoming clients I am about to work with. She told me she was proud of me. But the words that followed are what will stay with me. She told me that this was what I was meant to do. She said I light up when I explain the work I do. She's seen this light when I did/do my volunteer time with scouting.

My friend was right! In fact, I never expected to work with kids at this level and it's been a total joy! I'm making a difference, albeit a small one, in the lives of these children (older kids? rising young adults?).

Having a tween and a teen plus driving a bus allows me this extremely unique experience to see what the teens are struggling with. Friendships are the most important to this age group. It's the time when everyone wants to fit in. We forget our own personal uniqueness only to spend most of our adult life realizing it's ok! I don't have a magic wand or magic potion to help that, but maybe with small steps, we can realize we can still be our unique selves while working towards fitting in!

The greatest thing I feel like I can give is HOPE! We only know the challenges we face. We don't know about other people's challenges. We look at others like they're perfect! Other people have it "all together" or are "so good at" the things we want to be good at. But you know what? Even the most put together person looks at YOU with the same set of eyes!

I saw a Facebook post that said something like "someone is looking at you with the same look you're looking at someone else". Yes, it was more eloquent then what I have here, but it's true. Someone thinks you have it together in the ways you're looking at someone you admire! Now, can we get our kids to understand that too? I'm not looking for perfection. I know they're growing and still trying to figure out life. But if I can give them small pieces to carry them through to be successful in whatever ways they define it, then I'm doing my job!

It's been a year in the making to get to this point. I've doubted myself, my abilities, my choices for a profession post corporate work. I've felt insecure, I've looked for magic abilities to get me to this point. You know what? The universe was looking out for me. But it also took a lot of hard work and persistence and bravery. Now I get to share a gift that I've had all along and make a difference.

In a way, the last year has been very similar to my teenage years. Now I'm ready to move forward with a clearer vision. Now, let's see where I can take it!

Originally written July 2021, revised and posted on 8/13,

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