Health... how absolutely important it is!

As I type this blog post out, I’m traveling home from an actual vacation. Despite the Covid-19 fears for our physical health, our mental health needs won out and we needed to go. I stocked up on masks, plastic gloves and my non-negotiable travel companion... hand sanitizer.

It’s January, so warmer weather called us. We stayed on a Boardwalk. It was lovely but missing the normal joys of the typically busy atmosphere. Low key and expected, you could still tell Covid had it’s impact as the crowd was even smaller than we thought it would be.

We start all vacations the same way... hit the ground running. The excitement is so built up that we must get to our activity destinations immediately. It was great to stretch my legs and have a new atmosphere to enjoy. We no longer felt stuck at home.

But I have to be honest, I struggled this week. Between neck surgery a few months ago and Covid keeping us from doing our normal pace, I needed a scooter on the final day. Turns out my backpack was a bit to heavy and caused me issues. My husband watched as my neck pain radiated the night before and insisted I rest, but there was no way I was going to miss out on our final vacation day. This is my background, but not really my point.

While scooting around, I watched others who had ventured to our same destination. I was watching others scoot aground too. Old, young, tiny, large... all walks of life. Some illnesses and disabilities invisible. Then I started to watch those without scooters. Again, all walks of life.

What was great about this experience was giving me the insights about my future self. Did I want to need this convenience vehicle for future trips? Did I want to be the spry 60+ outpacing everyone? Did I want to huff and puff through my next vacations? Did I want to be able to take all the pictures I wanted of me with my family?

Well, I’m sure our “yes” answers are the same. So my neck pain on this trip gave me great motivation. But my personal health goals can’t wait until next week or next month. I have to start now. Starting small will only strengthen my resolve. I’m not in for a quick fix; I’m in this for the long haul. My future self is already smiling down on me.

Now, as I finish this blog post at home, it’s given me time to reflect on the above. I wonder why “we” don’t prioritize our health? While on the plane, I watched the safety video show the mom and dad put their oxygen masks on before the kid. It was the “you can’t take care of others if you can’t breathe” reminder. Health is a lot like this.

It’s so much easier to take care of everyone else, but not make enough time for ourselves. Especially us givers. As someone who has struggled with weight my whole life, it’s because it wasn’t a complete priority when it should have been. My career, my family, my volunteer work, always got 100% or more from me. But why can’t I give it to myself? Probably because I’m exhausted. I’ve given all of me to everything else That there isn’t any left.

I end all of my coaching sessions with action steps. This week, I’m going to start focusing on my daily water intake. I drank tons of water on vacation (unsweetened iced tea isn’t always available!), but I don’t always drink my 64 ounces. This week, I’ll keep track. I’ve also stopped adding sugar to coffee. Over time, both of these easy steps will make a huge impact. I’ll start blogging results too. I won’t sit and tell you actual numbers. But I am committed to making changes. Join me! I’d love to see what we can do! Here’s to 2021!

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