Do you realize how resiliant you are?

My husband was offered a mini-webinar type thing at work earlier this week. The topic was resiliance. As he’s part of an essential group of employees, his company is doing what they can to support their essential employees. It’s tough, for sure!

It got me thinking. How resiliant do you think you are? Do you realize the inner power you actually have? I tell clients that they’ve gotten through 100% of everything they’ve ever faced. And I genuinely mean it. We get through losses, job stresses, family issues, divorces, deaths, lay-offs, and so much more! We usually focus more on the positives, and I can’t blame anyone for that! I’m a glass-half-full gal myself. But what we don’t give ourselves credit for is the ability to push through challenges and still get to the other side!

Think about the pandemic. This is something we all haven’t experienced. We faced fears, we faced uncertainty, we faced sadness and mourning for what we were missing. Fast forward 10 months later and the fears have changed. The uncertainity may have lessened. Sadness and mourning for “regular school” or what was “normal” still linger and may do so for a long time. But we got through the first stage of this.

We don’t know how long this pandemic will last. There are just a lot of unknowns in general. Each day is different. How you face the challenges is up to you. It’s stressful, of course. We’re craving human contact, a sense of normalcy.

So how do we build our resilience? I’ll share a few things that have worked for me these last few months.

  1. Focus on today. Worrying about what’s been happening, or will happen, only stresses us out. Focus on what you need to do or accomplish, or even take a day to chill out. Forgetting about the worries for a short time will make improvements.

  2. Create a list of accomplishments. No, I’m not saying to write down everything that’s noteworthy to everyone else, unless it’s important to you. But look at what you have accomplished in the last week, last year or in your lifetime. You’ll see that you faced some really tough challenges and guess what? You survived them! And seriously, don’t knock the “I showered twice this week“ accomplishments. When everyone is at home and you’re the go-to person for everything, that shower is more than an accomplishment. It’s an outright success.

  3. Have someone in your corner. This can be a spouse, a best friend, but really anyone. It’s that person that you love to be around and you feel good for days after a conversation, cup of coffee or whatever. Surround yourself with these people. They will help you get through the bad days and make the good ones that much better.

  4. Ask for Help. Whether this is asking for help at home, calling a friend or seeking professional advice, it’s ok to use the resources available to you. It’s ok to use professional help too. Sometimes that outside person is what it takes to know that you’re on the right path!

Who knows how long we’re going to be in this norm. But I want us all to make it through. It’s when, not if. You have so much strength in you; you just need to tap into that inner power and see it.

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