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Anger and Heartbreak

A mere three days ago, our Supreme Court changed the decision on reproductive rights. It’s taken me a few days to get a handle on my thoughts. Let me be clear. I am pro-life. BUT, and this is important…. I have never been in a situation where I might have to even consider alternatives And I know there are scads of reasons out there why some would need to consider them.

I’m angry that our republic, built on separation of church and state, forgot that. Watching the news, I’ve heard that pro-choicers “don’t value life.” Wow. Giving women a choice in their health, their future and their responsibility to the family they already have was not valuing life? I don’t know any pregnant woman that doesn’t immediately start thinking of their fetus as their baby. We don’t walk around saying “I’m growing a fetus!” No, it’s “I’m having a baby!”

We all know women who’ve had to make tough decisions. Somone recently told me that someone they know had an abortion. It broke them. But at the halfway mark of the pregnancy, the baby was found to have heart defects and genetic defects. It wouldn’t have even taken a first breath if carried to term. I can’t fathom being forced to carry a child full term in this case.

I’m no longer able to have kids. I had a medical issue long after we were done growing our family that required a hysterectomy. I’m grateful that I personally don’t need to face these choices. But my daughter may face them. It hurts to think that if she’d ever need to leave home to have a difficult procedure (physically and emotionally), she’d be anywhere but where she feels comfortable - recovering at home. Having the conversation about current events with her was difficult. Describing how this could impact her, yet being balanced and fair so I could teach her to make up her own min… it was hard to find the words.

It’s taking me an hour to write what will take you a few minutes to read. This has shaken me. LQBTQ+ rights are probably next. You don’t have to like other people’s choices. We can still be neighbors or friends and disagree. But hear each other out.

I can’t believe we’re sitting here letting laws decide what I can or can’t do. Oh yea, and men have no consequences? I’d say wake me when this is over, but we need voices. This is no time to rest.

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